Few clan rules

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Few clan rules

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:49 am

1. i will listen to clan leader. if away from keyboard - coleader Wolfa and Satrianin.
2. i will keep clean and clear our clan chat (do not spam, using only english).
3. i will use ventrilo (at last only to listen).
5. i will make 1 subclass needed for clan.
6. i will not bring shame to the clan (and i will try to do not make drama).
7. i will not pk if i dont have to (and also i will have max 4 pk points because i wont get new equipment if i drop).
8. i will always help clan supports to level up.
9. i will make one great wolf.
10. clan fee is 2kk adena every friday

who is not active will be dismissed
who is not helping clan will be dismissed
who do not accept rules will be dismissed



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