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Recruitment form

Post by PhatBast on Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:32 pm

Well hi everyone, I don't rly know u and u dont know me.

I'm friend of Agapi, hmm i dont if u know her by that nick, maybe Weronika or Ioanna. Anyways, we've been friends for almost 3 years, we met at an L2 server back then, were clanmates. We're rly good friends, in fact she's the only friend I kept after all this L2 years.

Well, she told me she was going to start at a new server with her boyfriend (i know him as Navar), and I asked if I could come with them, so I ended up writting this post Smile

I don't have a character yet, ofc, my nickname is gona be PhatBastard, I'll probably play an Spoiler as my main. Im still not sure tho. Maybe a Warlord.

I've played L2 for about 5 years, yet haven't played in the last 2 years. I've been in a couple servers and many many clans, rly good ones too.

I've played on Dragon, Raven, new Raven, and Synergy. And anotherone that i can't remember the name.

At Dragon I played, BD/PR, HE/WK, HE/WL, PP/BISHOP.
At Raven I played HE/PP only because it was easy and fast to lvl up.
At new Raven I started as PP to help my clan, and we quit the sever before we could sub.
And at Synergy I started again as a PP. But again we quit rly soon.
My last char (in that server i dont remember) was an SWS/PW.

I've been in many clans, really pro ones such as OldSchool, Severance, had my own clan at Dragon for some time, we had Giran castle but not for long. Also been in many more but I dont remember the names right now, i'll check my other hard-drive later were i have all my L2 screens.

I can play about 3 hours a day, i need to get my life straight and if i play like i used to i wont be able to do it, so i guess 3 hours its gona be fine.

Of course I accept ur rules. I don't understand why not overenchant tho.

I do have a microphone.

My friend in clan is, as i said, Agapi.

I wanna join because I heard u're really great guys and clan, and I've been thinking about getting back to L2 and this seems to be the opportunity, with great guys and one of my dearest friends.

About contributing, well I guess that if I play an spoiler Ill be contributing a lot, i mean thats kinda the only reason I see to play an spoiler.
And if I play a WL, i think ill be good for lvling, tanking, and maybe later when im high lvl can be good to powerlvl some new chars.
Im really helpfull, i'll always be up for anything fun, or any work that has to be done, or pvp.

About me, my name is Santiago, everyone calls me sanchy. Im 22 years old, and I live in Uruguay. (gmt -3)

My pc is a dualcore e5200, 2.50ghz. 2gb ram ddr2, foxconn 8600gt oc. L2 runs awesome on it.

Well, i hope i haven't annoyed you with such a long post. Looking forward to hear from u soon.

See ya!


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Re: Recruitment form

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:53 pm

we miss bd/sws/archer/destro what about those classes?
btw if you play like you are writting posts we are waiting for you:)



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