Recruitment application- Scratter, level 53 tyrant

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Recruitment application- Scratter, level 53 tyrant

Post by Scratty on Sun Apr 18, 2010 2:06 pm

Hello there. As the title says this is my application for the clan Lycans. I'll try and adhere to the questions in the form as best as I can.

1. My ingame nick is Scratter, class Tyrant, level 53 at the moment.

2. Equipment: top C grade jewels, Plated leather set, Shadow Arthro Nails (low B grade fists), about 4mill adena.

3. Alt chars: Lain, class Shillien Oracle, level 35, currently in Lycans' academy.

4. Clans before Lycans: A couple small clans that dispersed quickly, I can't even recall their names.

5. I've been playing Lineage 2 for exactly 3 and a half years now, with a few small breaks.

6. Former servers:
*Supreme/Azure C5:
- Aerith 5x - clanless TK 60+;
- Nanaki 15x - clan BGBusters, 2 noblesse chars with mains Duelist and Moonlight Sentinel;
- Celes 7x - clan LOST, level 77 Spectral Master with some sub;
* Raidfight Gracia Epilogue 4x - clanless 70+ Berserker;
* A bunch of high rate l2j servers;

7. I can play about 4 hours every day, after I get home from work- somewhere around 12:00 GMT +2, some days maybe more, depending on how much I feel like studying (which usually isn't much). And all day Sunday almost every weekend.

8. I am 19 years old, 19.46 to be precise.

9. I accept the clan rules, making the wolf quest as I type. Oh and I'll be a listener on Vent most probably, faulty sound card/mic/vocal english being the reason.

10. Yes, I do have a microphone, 2 in fact. The Line in on my sound card adds some annoying static to it though.

11. My friend in Lycans is Shirel a.k.a. Lillu. We've played for quite some time and it's been fun.

12. Like I stated above the clans I joined prior to this application fell apart really fast and I'd like to take part in a more stable one. I think Lycans is pretty much the best option for me. Adding the fact that Shirel is already a member makes me want to be a part of the clan even more.

13. I hope I can contribute my humble experience, loyalty, a fairly fun person to talk with, and in the least- all 3 subs I make will be whatever the clan needs, as I do not have any preference as to what they are.

14. Born and living in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

15. PC specs are as follows: OS- Windows 7 Ultimate x86; CPU- Dual core Athlon 5200+ @ 2.7GHz; RAM- 2GB DDR2; Graphics card- ATI HD 2600XT 512MB GDDR3; Runs at least 4 L2 boxes at playable framerates.

Hopefully I covered all the necessary information here without making much clutter. If something's missing I'll be happy to answer any following questions. Will be looking forward to a reply.


- Scratter


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Re: Recruitment application- Scratter, level 53 tyrant

Post by satrianin on Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:08 pm

you got my vote


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Re: Recruitment application- Scratter, level 53 tyrant

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:38 pm

u are in, if u want to join, pm Sofy in game



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Re: Recruitment application- Scratter, level 53 tyrant

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